"Frequently asked Questions"


Q: How long after I've made Payment of my order, will it be delivered?

A: At Ohaakiheat we pride ourselves on prompt delivery with orders being delivered within 1-3 working days once payment has been received in winter.


Q: Can I order throughout the winter? you won't run out?

 A: We constantly split and Kiln Dry our firewood here on site, we produce and pack more firewood every day so you can order a little or a lot and know that you can always order more and have it delivered.


Q: How long will a bundle last me?

A: It will depend on what type of fire you have, its efficiency and the room size you are heating, also whether your chimney is clean or blocked.  Customer Feedback suggests that 1 bundle is lasting the average house 2 nights or more, burning only 1-2 pieces at a time.


Q: How many Bags are in a thrown m3?

A: It is hard to say exactly as the wood inside the bags is stacked not thrown but 36 bags is roughly equal to 3m3, however, OhaakiHeat kiln dried firewood will produce the same heat output as 1.3 m3 of well seasoned dry firewood or 3.4 m3 of wet firewood.