Produces More Heat

  • Use less wood to heat the room – customer feedback suggests 1-2 logs an hour for maximum heat output and efficiency, therefore, Saving time and money


  • Produces up to 3x more heat than poorly seasoned (volume for volume)

Clean Burning:

  • Produces less soot and ash therefore less chimney and fireplace cleaning, and a cleaner glass door.

  • reduced harmful particulates in the air, by Burning clean.

Easy to light

  • even a full-size block will light with a single firelighter.


Better for the environment

  • The kiln drying process we use is environmentally friendly using hot waste water (at 140 °C) from the Ohaaki geothermal power station to heat the kilns, minimizing the carbon footprint.

  • Green or poorly dried wood is a major culprit in the creation of smoke that pollutes the air and creosote that clogs the chimney. 

  • However the dryer the firewood, the more energy it produces and the fewer emissions it produces. 

  • Because our firewood is Kiln Dried to an Average 8% moisture content it produces fewer emissions, low ash, and much more heat resulting in warmer houses, cleaner chimneys, and a healthier environment.