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Ohaaki Heat, Split Pine, Kiln Dried Firewood, perfect for keeping you warm all winter long.


3 cubic metres, traditionally split and kiln-dried to ensure maximum dryness and heat output.

With guaranteed dryness, you can be sure to get more heat from each piece of wood, making it an efficient and cost-effective option for heating your home.


Get your hands on this  kiln-dried firewood, ready to burn and keep you cozy during the colder months. 


*The price includes delivery within urban Rotorua, and our tipper truck will back up and tip off the firewood as close as it is able to your desired location.


ROTORUA -3m3 Split Pine, Kiln Dried, delivered*

SKU: 3m3 RTO
1 Cubic meter
  • Delivered via our Tipper truck which will back up and get as close to where it can for delivery, the truck will need vertical space to be able to lift and tip.

    Your Firewood is ready to burn and therefore will need to be stacked away or covered.

    A mix of all different sizes.


    Please note: This price does not include stacking, you will need to cover or stack your firewood yourself. This Product does not come standing on a pallet it will be left in a heap on the ground as close as possible with our truck to where you are wanting it.

    This truck will only run when it is full, at this price, otherwise, you can pay extra for us to deliver just your address.

    A full truck is 12m3 and we can deliver in a 3m3, 6m3, 9m3 or 12m3 option.

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